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Hace is designed to remove many of the inefficiencies in the tuition market in Singapore. When trying to find tuition assignments, tutors have to engage in tedious interaction with tuition agents. Tutors typically have to bid on assignments through forums and agents. 

However, Hace automates the entire matching function of the agents and allows for instant and direct communication between parents/students and tutors. As a tutor, you will receive assignments catered to your service regions and subjects you teach. No more agents. No more high commission fees. We make receiving tuition assignments easier and better.

In order to register as a Tutor, you must be a Singapore Citizen, a Permanent Resident or hold a student pass, and must be at least 18 years old.

Tutors are required to possess at least O level qualifications.

There are absolutely no hidden costs or registration fees to sign up as a tutor with Hace.

While most tuition agencies take 50% of the first month fees, Hace takes ONLY THE FIRST LESSON FEES as commission. This first lesson fees will be collected directly from the student/parent through the site so no fees will be collected by the Tutor for the first lesson. All subsequent lesson payments will be made out directly from the student/parent to the tutor. No hassle in transferring any fees to us.

All tutors will have to submit photographs or scanned copies of NRIC (front side only) and academic certifications for verification.

This is to reassure parents that Tutors with Hace are legitimate and have the valid educational credentials required to provide Home Tuition. Upon request by the Student/Parents, Tutors will be required to bring down these copies of their academic credentials during the First Lesson.

Rest assured that these will be securely stored by Hace and will only be used to verify your teaching credentials.

Upon receiving a Job Request, the Tutor may accept or reject the Job Request. If you are willing to take up the assignment but are unable to meet the client's timing, please accept the job request and indicate your preferred timing in the "Reply to Special Request" box. Do note that this will be subjected to the client's confirmation.

If the Tutor chooses to accept the Job Request, the Tutor is bound to turn up for lessons as stated in the Job Request even if it has not been confirmed.

The Tutor is reminded not to accept multiple jobs with similar timeslots, as the tutor will be liable for any matching fees of accepted jobs in which the tutor is unable to turn up.

The tutor's accepted Job Request will be subject to confirmation and payment by the Student/Parent. Upon confirmation, an email and SMS notification will be sent to the Tutor to contact the Student/Parent to finalize the venue and scheduling details of the first lesson.

In the event that the Student/Parent confirms with another Tutor, you will receive an email notifying you that your Accepted Job Request was unsuccessful.

This means that your Accepted Job Request has been sent and is awaiting confirmation by the Parent/Student. Accepted Job Requests have a lifetime of 7 days. You will be notified by email upon an Accepted Job Request's expiry.

We take missing the first lesson very seriously. If you are unable to make it for the first lesson, you are required to inform and reschedule the lessons with the parent at least 48 hours before the scheduled timing.

Upon acceptance of a Job Request by the Tutor and subsequent payment for Confirmed Lesson by the Client, failure to turn up for the First Lesson or any other circumstances caused by the Tutor resulting in the cancellation of the appointment will lead to the termination of the Tutor’s Account. This will be evaluated by Hace on a case-by-case basis. In the event of serious emergencies, official reports such as medical or police reports will need to be presented to Hace for proof.

Tutor Accounts that are terminated will have their NRIC blacklisted and will no longer be able to create new accounts.

If the Client cancels the Engagement after the First Lesson, Hace shall NOT pay to the Tutor ANY monies received from the Client for the First Lesson. The tutor agrees not to receive any fees from the First Lesson as it is deemed as a matching fee for the use of the site.

If the Student/Parent chooses to continue with lessons, the tutor must commit to at least 3 more calendar weeks of the Engagement after the First Lesson.

Although there is no requirement for Tutor to commit to an Engagement for longer than the First Month, the Tutor is expected to commit themselves further so as to assist the students in their academic endeavours. Therefore, postponement or cancellation of lessons or cancellation of assignment is strongly discouraged, especially when it is near the examination period.

Poor commitment on the part of the Tutor may be reflected through a Tutor's reviews on the site and will reflect negatively on the Tutor. This will decrease the chances of receiving future Job Requests.

Here are some ways to increase your chances of getting Tuition Assignments.

  1. Upload ALL qualifications/certificates listing all your grades
  2. Provide a detailed write up of your Tutor Background in your Tutor Profile page
  3. Respond quickly to Pending Job Requests
  4. Communicate effectively with Parent/Student on your experiences and how you can help them with their academic endeavours
  5. Broaden your service regions and subjects taught
  6. Request for Reviews from students/parents of previous assignments

The tutor can login in to their MANAGE ACCOUNT page to set their account activity status as Inactive. This will ensure that they do not receive assignments or notifications.

The only way to stop receiving SMSes from Hace is to log in to the MANAGE ACCOUNT page to set the account activity status as Inactive.

All forms of communication between Client and Tutor will be monitored by Hace. This is to monitor and prevent the communication of all forms of contact details including, but not limited to phone numbers, email address, home address, social networking sites, external websites containing contact details before payment and confirmation by the Client.

Any attempt to provide contact details between Client and Tutor before the payment of Matching Fees will be construed as having the intention to transact off the platform. As such we shall have the right to terminate the respective Tutor’s and Client’s Accounts and refuse future access and/or use of the Site to or by such Client and Tutor.

Tutor Accounts that are terminated will have their NRIC blacklisted and will no longer be able to create new accounts.

Tutors are not allowed to change the agreed tutoring rate agreed upon during the acceptance of the Job Request within 3 months of the First Lesson. Any attempt to do so might lead to the termination of the Tutor’s Account. Client feedback informing Hace of such violations will be evaluated by Hace on a case-by-case basis.

Tutors are discouraged from raising tutoring rates after 3 months of the First Lesson and should indicate their desired tutoring rate through the Tutor Profile on the site prior to acceptance of Job Request if so desired.