Private Tutor for Upper Secondary

Private Tutor for the Upper Secondary Level: Providing the Support Your Child Needs

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Academic success can be the key to a fulfilled lifestyle especially in Singapore.

Hace Home Tuition Singapore has every confidence in matching your child with the best home private tutor to help unlock their full personal potential and achieve their ambitions.

Your worries about your child are only natural and our private tutor can give you and your child the knowledge required for academic success.

A Private Tutor can provide the support your child needs to boost academic progress towards the ‘O’ Level examinations.

Children can become stressed and anxious when they feel pressurized to perform to optimum standards.

This is especially true during your child’s upper secondary years progress towards the ‘O’ Levels Examinations.

The pressure builds when students and parents know what is on the line with the ‘O’ Levels results. Success at the ‘O’ Levels will determine whether your child progresses to Junior College, Polytechnic or the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

As can be seen from the image above, there have been many changes to the education system in recent years. These changes have been helpful to offer students more options at tertiary education. However, all these paths are ultimately determined by how well they do at the ‘O’ Level examinations.

And this is where we can help.

We can help your child focus on key skills and abilities to widen their core strengths in subjects like humanities, science/mathematics or languages that are taken at the Upper Secondary Level.

A Private Tutor will give your child a great chance at improving their grades.

The concerns your child may be expressing about academic studies and difficulties that are experienced within the school environment are signs that he/she is beginning to display anxiety or is feeling unsure about academic progress and success.

Hiring a private tutor to bridge the gap in learning methodologies will help your child achieve success and confidence in academia.

If you have concerns about your child’s progress at school we can provide a private tutor to help bridge the gap in learning.

A Private Tutor will enable your child to build on learning and acquiring the confidence to approach school work with a deeper understanding.

Engaging the services of a private tutor from Hace Home Tuition Singapore is one way to match your child with a professional private tutor who has the ability to push your child in the right direction. You can be rest assured that we make every effort to ensure our tutors complement the complex needs of your child and can provide support across a range of disciplines.

Unlike other tuition agencies in Singapore that only verify some tutor’s credentials and identification, our state of the art platform allows for easy verification. This is how Hace Home Tuition Singapore stands out from the competition. We ensure that only qualified and verified private tutor can use our platform. You can be rest assured that only qualified private tutor are providing their tutoring services to you.

You will find that our tuition agency can support your child if he/she is struggling with a number of subjects, or in just one specific area of the curriculum. Your concerns about your son or daughter will be fully addressed by a professional private tutor.

We can assure you that our home tuition agency will have the learning and empathy to provide the correct levels of academic guidance to enable your child to progress to the full extent of his/her abilities.

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