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It is only natural to be concerned about your child’s future and make plans so he/she can achieve their fullest potential in the field of education.

Here at Hace Home Tuition Singapore, we strive to match preschool children with a home tutor who has the ability to help children reach their utmost academic success.

By filling out your home tutor preferences and sending out a simple request, we will match your child with a home tutor who can provide individual home tutoring that is custom designed to suit the educational needs of your child.

We understand that your child is an individual with specific needs, so our tuition agency singapore aims to find the best home tutor to ensure a head start in education. Our home tutor will inspire your child with a lifelong love for learning and help ensure academic ability is aroused in all key curriculum areas.

Most of all, we appreciate that learning should be fun for preschool children and all our tutors strive to create the best fun-filled learning to each and every child. Your child’s one-to-one tutoring within the safe environment of the home also gives added confidence and this is particularly the case for shy children who lack confidence around peers.

A great deal of the preschool tuition your child receives will be activity, games and song-based to stimulate learning and coordination. You should expect your home tutor to provide your child with a head start in counting, maths, memory and communication skills and letter/word recognition via a range of games and modern educational techniques to bring out the best in each child.

Some of the learning games your child will play include:

Nursery Rhymes
Counting Games
Songs to teach Key Learning Targets (i.e Alphabets and Body Parts)

Home tutoring allows any child to learn at their own pace within the security of the home environment. Children develop their learning at their own pace, without any pressures to achieve higher targets.

We’re sure we can match you and your child with a great home tutor who will provide the best preschool tuition to suit your child’s academic needs and enable your ambitions for your child’s education to be realized. Our Hace home tutor will inspire your child to learn and develop. Thus, when it is time to attend official schooling, he or she will have the confidence to join a group of peers and shine academically.

With Hace Home Tuition Singapore, your child will be matched with the best home tutor for his or her needs.

Your child’s tutor will be available for instant and direct communication. Thus, if you have any concerns prior to the first lesson, you can get always get in touch with your tutor to address any concerns in detail. This is what sets us apart from other tuition agencies.

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