Private Tuition in Singapore for Lower Primary

3 Definitive Reasons Why Your Child Needs Private Tuition at the Lower Primary Level

private tuition for lower primary students

More often than not, working parents find it hard to take time off their busy work schedules to assist their children in their school work.

Some parents might even experience additional stress and frustration that arise from the huge responsibility of guiding their children with their school work. As such, many parents turn to Home Tutors in Singapore to guide their children in school work.

Here are 3 reasons why you should give your child private tuition at the lower primary level:

1. Private Tuition Helps Your Child Adapt to A New Environment

Private tuition will help your child to navigate the early years of school, a transition point between a more play oriented school to a style of schooling where there is much more daily learning and homework.

Private tuition will also help lower primary students fit in better with the longer hours of school. On top of that, private tuition can also help them adapt to the new regulations and discipline of school, where they are first exposed to rules and regulations.

For a primary student to become more independent and better able to handle the challenges of the primary school years, private tuition can offer an excellent assessment on your child’s understanding of the syllabus can also help set a child’s future on the right path.

2. Private Tuition Gives Your Child A Strong Academic Foundation

Private Tuition is an excellent option when your little one embarks on his or her path of education. More than simply providing tuition, you will be helping your child plan for a head start on more complex topics. Some of these topics that your child has to deal with at the lower primary level include English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics and the introduction of Science at the Primary 3 level. This will also provide solid foundational work for parents who want their child to strive for a chance at entering the Gifted Education Program(GEP) which is conducted at the end of Primary 3.

Through private tuition, the academic syllabus can be covered more quickly and your child, in many cases, will be ahead of his or her peers. For those that are slightly slower in their learning progress, they can benefit from extra tutoring and more frequent assessment practices to gauge where your child is falling behind. This will help identify the weaker areas to work on.

While some might feel that this is a “kiasuparents” thing to do, we feel that there is nothing wrong in giving your child the necessary academic foundation he or she deserves. Furthermore, these foundational years will set the stage of their future academic successes which might even determine their livelihood.

3. Private Tuition Caters to Your Child’s Personalised Academic Pace and Needs

Students learn in different ways. Your child’s school cannot cater to each child’s learning style. Hiring a private tuition teacher provides the best solution.

If your child is more visually oriented there can be more illustrations to learn from. Whereas, if your child is more reading oriented, there could be more written material and a more hands on learner would require a tutor that offers more quizzes and chances to show the work.

Private tutors can cater to your child’s academic needs. Unlike a classroom where teachers must teach many students at once, one-on-one tutoring puts the focus on your child’s progress and pace. Children that are more shy have a chance of asking what they need to know, and bring up any concerns as the work is being done.

Together, a tutor and student can go over the trickier subjects, and in many cases turn them into strong subjects for future learning.

Private Tuition is an excellent option for your little one

Skilled and experienced in the current syllabus, a tutor will be able to show your child how to learn through the newest educational methodologies. This can save a lot of time in a parent’s evening and pave the way for quality, relaxed family time after lessons.

Young or new mothers like yourself who want their children to succeed from the beginning can be rest assured once they have retained the services of a private tuition teacher from Hace Home Tuition Agency Singapore.

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