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Primary education at the Upper Primary levels is usually the stage that our young ones face the most stress.

This is largely due to the introduction of major examinations like the Primary 4 streaming examinations and the big four letter word that send parents panicking – the dreaded “PSLE”.

Primary 4 Streaming Examinations

Generally, the primary education encompasses subjects like Mother Tongue, English Language, Science, Mathematics and Higher Mother Tongue.

In recent years, subject-based banding has replaced the traditional EM1 to EM3 streaming that is used to evaluate students. Schools will recommend a pupil’s stream and subjects in P5 based on the results of P4 end-of-year streaming examination. However, schools are now given the freedom to decide the best way to band students, according to their knowledge and ability.

Its primary aim is to stream pupils based on their academic capabilities to ensure that every child learns according to their pace and needs. Thus, students in the upper primary are under great pressure to excel in their academics and do better than their classmates.

The urge for students to perform well is driven by the desire to join the so-called better classes that most parents believe comprise of more intelligent students. This due to the fact that better classes are taught by more qualified teachers and are availed with better learning facilities.

Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE)

Besides the pressure resulting from subject-based banding, the upper primary student’s curriculum also consists of frequent tests, assessments, and examinations. The one examination that students work towards to the most is the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE)

The score attained from the PSLE will determine their ability to enter their secondary school of choice. On top of that, it will also determine the stream that your child will be categorised under – Express, Normal Academic or Normal Technical.

In recent years, questions asked in PSLE and school examinations building up to the PSLE have gotten more demanding  by necessitating students to think more critically and deeply. The upper primary education curriculum not only requires students to internalize textbook concepts but also requires explanations and applications out of the textbook scope.

This increased workload and complexity of the curriculum is a problem that Hace Home Tutor Singapore can help both parents and students with.

How can Hace Home Tutor Singapore Help?

Nearly all parents with children in the upper primary level have sought the services of a home tutor singapore to provide home tuition for their children. Hace Home Tutor Singapore and our qualified tutors can help students cope better with their studies and beat the competition.

Undoubtedly, hiring a home tutor singapore is helpful for a child at the upper primary education level due to the following benefits:

• Home tuition helps to cover extensive practices and content with the student. That way, students are exposed to more knowledge and practice questions. The additional practices enable students to thrive at tests and examinations administered at schools.

• Our Qualified Private tutors also tailor their tutoring to your child’s specific needs and abilities. For instance, a qualified private tutor will ensure that they assess the strengths and weaknesses of a child. Our tutors will evaluate your child according to their recent performance at school and their learning abilities.

• Home tuition entails hiring a competent private tutor to provide personalized services to a child. That allows the child to ask questions and express doubts in any area that they may be having difficulties in understanding. The private tutor will be in a position to answer and explain any concept that the child may want to be clarified.

• A Home Tutor SIngapore can also give parents timely feedback on their child’s progress unlike teachers at the school who have many children to deal with at a time. The feedback can enable parents to monitor their children’s progress and understand them better.
Ideally, home tuition has numerous benefits for children.

• Private tutors can also correct a child’s misinformation instantly and offer them elaborate explanations to ensure that they have accurate information and in-depth understanding of subjects.

Thus, parents are encouraged to incorporate the exercise into a child’s education process especially as they enter upper primary level where learning becomes increasingly demanding.

If you want assurance that your child will perform exceptionally, engage the services of our qualified home tutors with Hace Home Tutor Singapore.

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