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Hace Home Tuition Singapore is the ONLY Tuition Agency in Singapore that verifies ALL of our tutors academic credentials.

All tutors will have to submit photographs or scanned copies of academic certifications for verification together with their NRIC for authentication.

This is to reassure students/parents that Hace Tutors are legitimate and have the valid educational credentials required to provide Home Tuition. Upon request by the Student/Parents, Tutors will be required to bring down these copies of their academic credentials during the First Lesson.

Our Tuition Agency platform operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can request, connect with and confirm your ideal home tutor at any time you wish.

Unlike most tuition agencies that take 50% of the first month fees, Hace only takes the FIRST LESSON fees as commission FROM THE TUTOR. Rest assured that there are no costs to you as no fees will be collected by the Tutor for the first lesson.

Each Tutor Profile has the tutor's individual tutoring rate. To find out the market rate for tutors, please visit Home Tuition Rates Singapore.

At Hace Home Tuition Singapore, we strive to make your tutor matching experience as simple and fuss free as can be. We save you the hassle of waiting for invoices, sending cheques or bank transfers from ATMs like other tuition agencies.

We collect the first lesson fees from you and hold the amount till the first lesson ends. In the unlikely event that the Tutor does not show up for the first lesson, we will provide a FULL refund so that you can be matched with another tutor.

When you click on the Hire An Ace button on the home screen, you will be brought to a Filter Tutors By page. Select your region, tutoring levels, subjects and desired tutor preferences to populate a list of your desired tutors.

Click on the Instant Match button to send your request to tutors that meet your requirements instantly. Receive Accepted Requests from Tutors within hours.

You will receive SMS and E-mail notifications as soon as Tutors accept your requests.

[Alternatively, you can manually Search for the tutors you would like to send your request to. Click on each Shortlist Tutor button to shortlist your desired tutors from the list. When you're done, click on the Send Request button to send your requests out to your Shortlisted Tutors.]

The tutor's Accepted Request will indicate the availability of the Tutor and their unique tutoring experiences that will aid you/your child in your academic endeavours.

Accepted Job Requests are subject to confirmation and payment by the Student/Parent. Upon confirmation, an email and SMS notification will be sent to the Tutor. The tutor will contact you to finalize the venue and scheduling details of the first lesson.

Accepted Job Requests have a lifetime of 7 days after which they will expire. You are required to confirm your tutor within 7 days. If you do not see an Accepted Request after receiving a notification, this means that your Accepted Job Request has expired and you are required to send a new request again.

We encourage all students to give the Tutor some time to adapt to the Student's learning pace. In the event that you have decided to cancel subsequent lessons, there are no free trial lessons. The Client is required to pay the tutoring fees (as agreed as part of the Job Request terms) for the number of hours of lessons given by the Tutor.

If the Client confirms the Engagement, the Tutor commits to at least 3 more calendar weeks of the Engagement after the First Lesson. Scheduling of subsequent lessons will be agreed between the Tutor and the Client.