How To Find a Good Tutor in Singapore

How To Find a Good Tutor in Singapore

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Every parent wants the best for their child. I’m sure that parents like yourself want your child to excel in every aspect of their lives including academics.

The importance of finding a private tutor for your child cannot be emphasized enough.

But how do you ensure that you find a suitable tutor who will give you value for your money?

What to look for in a Tutor?

A home tuition teacher has to meet certain criteria for them to be considered suitable for tutoring a child. Here is a list of the qualities that you need to look for when searching for a good tutor:

Ability to Meet Your Child’s Needs: Before looking for a teacher, one critical thing to consider is what your child needs tutoring in. Finding out from your child his or her weaker subjects or through your child’s grades will help you to identify the subjects your child needs tutoring in.

Once the tutor starts giving sessions to your child, it is crucial to see if the tutor can communicate effectively and build a relationship with your child. The tutor should encourage your child to talk freely about their weaknesses and ask questions where they are in doubt.

An ideal tutor should have a solid academic background. Qualifications might not reflect a tutor’s ability to teach. However, qualifications can give a basic gauge of a tutor’s experience or knowledge with certain disciplines of academic education.

With Hace Tuition Agency Singapore, you can be sure of a tutor’s qualifications by looking at the Verification tab of each tutor. Most agencies do not bother checking or verifying a tutor’s credentials. However, at Hace Tuition Agency Singapore, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that when you use our platform, only qualified tutors will be engaged.

Verification: The tutor must have original academic certificates and identity verification to give you the comfort and assurance. This is crucial to giving you the security that you are engaging the services of a tutor who is who he or she claims to be.

While most tuition agency Singapore do not bother with identity verification, we at Hace tuition agency singapore make sure we provide only qualified tutors. We do this by requiring all our tutors to provide a photo of their identity card for identity verification and photos of academic certificates to verify their academic claims.

You can entrust us to verify that these are qualified tutors. However, if you would like to do it yourself, you can always request these directly from the tutor.

Passion: The tutor should also display enthusiasm and passion for tutoring to give you the confidence that they will have your child’s interest at heart. They should also be concerned with establishing your child’s unique academic requirements.

These can all be found through the Background section in a Tutor’s Profile. In this section, the tutor will describe the number of years of experience and the achievements that they have with students that they have tutored.

Commitment: If the tutor is always punctual and comes prepared with a lesson plan for each session then they are bound to deliver quality tutoring services and consequently assist your child in improving their grades.

The commitment of a tutor is largely determined by the Tutor Categories and we have set out a guide for you to decide the best Tutor Category for your child.

Reviews: The tutor should possess positive references from previous or current clients to give you proof that they are competent and dedicated tutors. This can be seen from the Reviews tab on each Tutor’s Profile.

: Through your communication with the tutor, you will be able to find out how well the tutor can suit your needs. The tutor can also set out objectives and goals for the child and session content. They should also discuss with you on the schedule for the future sessions.

Now that I know what to look for in a tutor, how do I find a good tutor?

You may start by looking for word of mouth recommendation from friends and family. The drawback of relying on this method is that the size of your network or contacts may limit you from getting the best tutor for your child.

Even if you are able to find a good tutor, they might not be able to teach your child due to restrictions in schedule or locations.

The best option will be to seek the services of a professional home tuition agency singapore.

However, finding the ideal tutor for you/your child, involves a slow and tedious interaction with a tuition agency. The tuition agency will have to manually source for a tutor within their small tutor pool.

Others will manually post on online groups and forums in order to match you with tutors available within their limited contacts. This tedious process can take up to several weeks depending on the uniqueness of your child’s education needs. This is not only slow but severely limits your choices.

Hace Tuition Agency Singapore removes inefficiencies from the Home Tuition Market in Singapore

By allowing for instant and direct communication between Student and Tutor, Hace Home Tuition Singapore facilitates direct communication of needs between parent/student and tutor.

This ensures that they are comfortable with each other and can work towards achieving a common goal.

We make it easier and better by simply automating the entire matching process, connecting you with the largest pool of qualified tutors.

We match you directly with the best available tutors.

Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

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