Private Tuition in Singapore for Lower Secondary

Private Tuition Singapore: Building A Strong Lower Secondary Foundation

private tuition singapore for lower secondary studentsLower secondary school education is essential to a child’s learning process building up to the O levels examinations.

The secondary school syllabus comprises of more practical subjects that increases a child’s knowledge and helps your child to get through life.

It is crucial to ensure that you get the best secondary private home tuition in Singapore since your child will be dealing with harder subjects than in primary school. You will need a highly qualified tutor who will handle the more complex secondary subjects with ease for the following reasons:

Dedicated Attention

Your child’s teachers might be overwhelmed by questions from other students, thus they might be unable to answer your child’s questions adequately. This is understandable since the teacher to student ratio in schools is around 30 to 1.

Fortunately, a private tutor will be in a position to answer all the questions and clear any confusion your child might have since they offer them undivided attention.

New Subjects Introduced

The secondary school syllabus contains additional subjects that your child never studied at the primary school level. The reality is that some children may experience difficulties coping with the culture shock.

Your child will be expected to grasp the new subjects and excel in them as if they had been studying them all along. These subjects include humanities like literature, geography and history, mathematics; the sciences; chemistry, physics and biology.

Incorporating private tuition services will come in handy for such students. Hace private tuition singapore will help identify where the children’s strengths and weaknesses are and address the problem accordingly.

Experienced Educators

Every educator from Hace Private Tuition Agency Singapore is familiar with the Singapore education system. Therefore, they will be better placed to offer your child with guidelines and hints that will be helpful in assisting them to excel in their secondary education. This is something that other students without home tuition will not have access to.

Setting A Strong Foundation for O/N Level Examinations

Thus, your child will have an added advantage over other students. Your child will have increased chances of performing well in their ‘O’ and ‘N’ level examinations.

These are the exams that will determine the tertiary education that they will join and the course they will pursue. Ideally, passing these critical exams will also have a direct influence on the career they will take later in their lives.

Secondary school education is crucial because it nurtures a child’s interest in advancing their education, and if they fail at that level, they can have serious shortcomings as they pursue their careers of interest. Bad grades might cause someone to settle for a less lucrative career. On the contrary, good grades can open up more career opportunities that allow your child to choose a good career.

Hiring a private tutor for your child could be prudent long term investment for any parent who wishes the best for their child. To get the best results out of home tuition, you should seek the assistance of a competent private tutor early during your child’s foundational years.

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