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Before we try to understand why students struggle with accounting, we would like to first comfort you in your choice of Principles of Accounting (POA) as a core subject in school.

While you/your child might belong to a small group of students in the Singapore education system specialising in a niche subject that is unlike more popular subjects like chemistry, physics or biology, it is a truly useful subject to be studying.

Accounting as a profession is a highly sought after profession in Singapore. Accounting provides for a very stable career even in poor economic environments as accountants will still be in demand despite the economic landscape.

Landing a job in the Big Four accounting firms provide for every attractive salaries.

Thus, picking up the subject early to establish a strong foundation can give you/your child a head start in a stable industry.

Why is Principles of Accounting (POA) so Confusing?

If your child is struggling to acquire the understanding and knowledge needed to achieve success in POA (Principles of Accounting)?

This could be due to the misconception that POA is a mathematical subject. While there are mathematics involved in accounting, it covers only the basic fundamental mathematical concepts.

POA actually involves more concepts and theories like the Double Entry Accounting System, which is a “record keeping system under which every transaction is recorded in at least two accounts”

Those who are misled under this misconception might end up struggling with the concepts of accounting and can easily fall behind in their grades. Here are the top tips to help your child excel in accounting:

Build Strong Foundations by Understanding Accounting Concepts

At the core of accounting is its concepts. It is a subject purely driven by your understanding of the concepts. What are the principles of the double entry accounting system? What is the matching principle? What is the First in, First Out accounting system? These are concepts that might be really hard for you/your child to understand.

If you/your child finds accounting concepts struggling, it might be best to engage the services of a qualified POA singapore home tuition teacher.

With Hace Home Tuition Singapore, you can be rest assured that only qualified tutors are engaged as we go through a vigorous verification process for all our tutors. Every single tutor’s identification and academic qualifications have been verified to give you a peace of mind in engaging qualified POA tuition teachers.

Our qualified POA tuition service can explain accounting concepts clearly to your child in the comfort of your own home. With a clearer understanding of the accounting concepts driving POA, we can assure you that your child will have significant improvements in academic results.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any other subject, the best way to boost one’s understanding of the theoretical concepts is through repeated practice.

These rules and concepts learnt through reading and understanding the accounting concepts will be enforced by doing practice questions to drill these concepts into place.

Therefore, the home environment with the supervision of a qualified POA tuition teacher is the perfect place to practice accounting.

As parents will know, students will often procrastinate and succumb to the dozens of entertainment devices around the house without supervision. Instead of wasting hours watching television or playing video games, your child could put in hours of practice to achieve his/her desired grades.

This can only be achieved through the motivation of a POA tuition teacher going through practices, marking their question papers and providing constructive feedback to your child.

Under the guidance of a qualified POA tuition teacher, your child can reinforce his/her learning through a engaging learning experience.

Paying Attention to the Little Details that Matter

Similar to mathematics, an accounting student can be prone to little careless mistakes that will add up to make a difference.

This is especially so when the Balance sheet and Income Statement cannot be balanced due to an error that adds up and snowballs right from the start.

While there might be error carried forward marks in certain examinations, it can still be a significant frustration to accounting students.

While the teachers in school might be able to help with you/your child’s questions, these are rare occasions in a teacher’s schedule. This is due to the fact that school teachers have to split their time and dedication between multiple classes of 30 students each. This is on top of the administrative paperwork that teachers have to deal with.

Thus, having a dedicated and committed private POA tuition teacher will be of much better help to your child’s academic pursuits.

With the assistance of a qualified POA tuition teacher, your child will undoubtedly do better in his/her accounting examinations. In the event that your child does score well in accounting, your child can decide to further this pursuit of accounting in the tertiary education system or through a multitude of accounting ceritifcation courses.

You can be rest assured that our Hace Home Tuition Agency Singapore online tutor matching portal can match your child with a compassionate, understanding and professional POA tuition teacher that provides all the assurances parents and students need to ensure success in this demanding accounting subject.

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