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In Singapore, Science is taught at primary schools as an amalgamation of the three main sciences (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) at a basic level. Once students reach the upper secondary level, these sciences are split up into their own respective subjects and students may choose one or more (combined/pure) to study.

Physics is a popular choice, as it explains much about the world around us, but for all the simple observations we make that it can describe, it is not a simple subject.

If your child is struggling with physics, whether because they do not understand the concepts or they are unable to connect the concepts they’ve learnt with the Mathematical applications needed, it can be difficult for you, as a parent, to help.

Physics Tuition can Help with the Ever-changing Landscape

Physics is a rapidly changing subject and often the concepts you were taught as a student are no longer relevant, or perhaps you simply cannot remember the formulas and equations required.

This is where Hace Home Tuition Singapore can help. We offer private physics tuition and ensure that there is direct communication between you, the parent, and the tutor, so that you can share any concerns you may have and know how your child is getting on.

Physics Tuition can Bring about a Sense of Wonder 

With good physics tuition comes not just a sense of wonder about the world we live in, but a variety of highly applicable skills.

The analytical skills gained through studying physics means that your child can think inside and outside the box, setting them up for any number of careers, which includes jobs related to law, finance and engineering. Our physics tuition can help develop these important skills in a nurturing environment.

Physics tuition at home has the following advantages:

  1. Your child will be nearby and will not have to spend time making their way to and from a tuition centre 
  2. Your child will have one on one communication with a tutor, enabling them to ask all the questions they have and ensuring that the focus is on them and their progress 
  3. You can even sit in on some of the lessons to judge how they are being delivered.

Physics is not an easy subject, but it is a highly rewarding one, and you need not be afraid of how your child will fair in their O-levels and A-levels with our physics tuition.

We can provide a solid basis of knowledge to build upon, which means that your child will have a good grasp of the concepts involved and be able to apply them to the questions easily.

Our physics tuition will be tailored to what your child needs since they will not have to compete with other students for attention, so you can be sure they are receiving the best possible physics tuition with our qualified and verified professionals.

physics tuition singapore

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