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Maths Tuition in Singapore
maths tuition in singapore

Maths is a difficult subject, and if it’s not taught well, can turn a child off the subject altogether.

Without suitable maths tuition and a good foundation in mathematics, children struggle throughout their academic journey.

Maths is a critically important part of the education system in Singapore. This makes maths tuition a significant component of your child’s educational requirements.

Moreover, many countries in the western world, are adopting this stance on the educational importance of mathematics.

Personalised Maths Tuition

Here at Hace Home Tuition Singapore, we understand the pressures that a child’s education can place on the parent.

Our personal tutors are chosen to match the child and their needs and we send out your personalised job listings for tutors to accept.

We find this is the best way of getting the right maths tuition match between tutor and child. Our home tutors work with children across Singapore, teaching them how to enjoy learning, and get ahead with their grades.

Trust a Professional

An interest in, and the enjoyment of maths as a subject, needs to start at the earliest stages of a child’s education. This is especially important as the subject is compulsory at both primary and higher levels.

Our home tutors will ensure that your child has a complete grasp of one concept, before they move on to the next.

Most parents want to help their child learn, but without professional expertise, it’s often a hit and miss process.

At Hace Home Tuition Singapore, we believe in an individual approach.

Our tutors are trained to work with your child, and to harness that child’s personal style of learning.
Maths is not just an academic subject; understanding numbers is a key life skill.

At a more advance level, a good grounding in maths is crucial to your child’s future understanding of physics and chemistry. When you trust a professional to help with maths, you are investing in your child’s future.

Our Investment

It is our policy, and our trainers, to invest their time in helping your child to understand what they are learning at school, and to stay ahead of the curve. We engage tutors based on their personal commitment to teaching, as well as their educational credentials.

We believe in a positive, can do approach to education, and specialise in a range of subjects besides maths.

A child, who is taught to grasp basic principles from the outset, will do well in their present, and future education.

Taking The Pressure Off Your Child’s Shoulders

Our tutors treat the children they work with, as individuals; they understand the idea of working with a child’s personal leaning methods.

If you want your child to have a future in science, or elsewhere in the modern technological world, then they need a secure grounding in mathematics.

When children understand mathematical concepts at their most basic level, it relieves the pressure as they move through school.

Hace Home Tuition Singapore’s tutors understand that a good grounding in the basics of any subject is key to its higher principles.

maths tuition singapore

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