Ultimate Home Tuition Guide: How to Choose the Best Home Tutor Category for Your Child

Looking for a good home tuition teacher in Singapore?

home tuition singapore guide

Looking for a home tuition teacher? This guide will show you how to choose the best home tuition teacher for your child.

Searching for the best home tuition teacher for your child can be tough.

This guide will help you choose the ideal home tutor in singapore that will cater to your child’s needs.

I think you will agree with me when I say:

It’s NOT EASY to find a good home tuition teacher in Singapore who can help your child improve his or her grades. 

Most of the time, requesting the service of a singapore tuition agency or searching through a home tuition forum will take up too much of your precious time to find a suitable home tuition teacher.

This can get frustrating, especially when you need a home tuition teacher urgently for the upcoming examinations.

If you are unfortunate, a home tuition agency might even introduce a home tuition teacher who is inexperienced or unprofessional.

Tempted to go for group tuition at a tuition center instead?

Well, as it turns out, this might not be the right choice for your child too, as studies have shown that the average student under personalised one-to-one tutoring performs better than 98 percent of students(Bloom, 1984)

Unless someone within your contact pool knows of a trusted and reliable private home tuition teacher, finding a good home tuition teacher who can help improve your child’s grades is largely a game of chance.

Or is it?

The trick is to simply find a home tuition teacher who can cater to a child’s personalised learning path and pace.

And here’s how:

Give Your Child the Best by Choosing the Ideal Home Tuition Teacher Category for Your Child’s Needs

In this guide, we are going to show you how to increase your chances of improving your child’s grades:

We’re going to do this by simply finding the best home tuition teacher category to best suit your child’s needs.

5 Main Home Tuition Teacher Categories
home tuition singapore tutor categories

There are 5 Main Groups with 7 specific Home Tuition Teacher Categories that parents can choose from:

 1. Student Tutors (A Level/Polytechnic or Undergraduate)

student home tuition teacher

These are students who are currently still pursuing their own tertiary education and make up a significant portion of the home tuition teacher population.

They could be University Undergraduates or Polytechnic/Junior College students awaiting enrolment into University.

Having just gone through the same educational path themselves, they are best able to relate to your child’s academic stress and experiences.

Also, being the closest in age to your child, they will be able to bond and connect with your child.

Student home tuition teachers are typically the most cost effective option as they usually charge the lowest rates of the 5 different categories of home tuition teachers.

However, their university undergraduates counterparts typically command higher rates than the Polytechnic/Junior College students as they might be taking more advanced modules in specialised fields that they are majoring in.

Some parents are hesitant to hire student home tuition teachers as they are the least experienced when it comes to teaching skills and might lack the professionalism that other categories of home tuition teachers may have.

Parents will have to undertake a higher level of risk due to the variability in terms of the teaching standards of the home tuition teacher.

Another important point to note is the commitment of the student home tuition teacher as they might not be able to meet your child’s tutoring needs during times when these home tuition educators themselves have examinations or assignments due.

Ultimately, if you’re able to find a student home tuition teacher with a strong passion and ability to teach, this category of home tuition teachers will be the most value for money.

Pros: Lower rates, Ability to connect with child

Cons: Commitment, Varying Quality

Price: $15-$50 (Depending on level of students tutored)

 2. NIE Trainees

NIE Trainee home tuition singaporeNational Institute of Education (NIE) trainees are University undergraduates who are still undergoing training to become MOE certified school teachers.

They are a highly sought-after category of Tutors as the NIE intensive training familiarises them with MOE’s latest teaching syllabus, examination formats and curriculum structure.

Furthermore, with their extensive training under the NIE, they are better equipped with the proper skill sets to effectively communicate with students and have the ability to better adjust to each student’s pace of learning.

Due to their training and familiarity with the MOE’s syllabus, they tend to command a higher rate than Student Tutors but still a rate lower than Current or Ex-School Teachers.

This makes them a popular choice amongst parents due to the value for money nature of this Home Tuition Teacher category.

  Pros: Familiarity with MOE syllabus, Trained teaching skills

  Cons: Commitment due to full time jobs, Only take on 1 to 2 students at a time

  Price: $20-$55 (Depending on level of students tutored)

3. Part Time Tutors

Part time home tuition teacher

Part Time Tutors usually hold full time jobs across different industries and disciplines.

As a result, most of them are only available during the weekends or after traditional office hours.

They typically take on only 1 to 2 students at a time.

Some Part Time Tutors are university graduates taking on an additional profession to supplement their income or for the joys of teaching.

One benefit of having a Part Time Tutor is that he/she will be able to share more real world applications of theories and concepts.

They are generally more mature and experienced with theoretical concepts from real life experiences.

Part Time Tutors usually have varying tutoring rates, and they are dependent on the number of years of tutoring experiences, academic qualifications and the level of students tutored.

Pros: More real life experiences to share, Real world applications of concepts

  Cons: Commitment

  Price: $20-$65 (Depending on level of students tutored)

4. Full Time Tutors

Full time home tuition teacher

These are home tuition teachers who make a living as a full time home tutor and many of them have years of experience teaching.

Most of them are familiar with the MOE school syllabus as these educators rely on home tutoring as a means of livelihood.

Full Time Tutors who are experienced have spent years teaching the same subjects and topic over and over again.

Those who choose to focus on specific tutoring niches like Maths Tuition are often experts in their field of choice.

Thus, they are often able to better identify your child’s misunderstanding of the topics at hand due to their familiarity with the MOE syllabus.

One possible drawback is that due to their tight schedule, which is packed with multiple teaching assignments, some Full Time Tutors might have to watch the time more closely.

However, this is offset by the longer term commitment of Full Time Tutors to their students in achieving their desired grades.

  Pros: Experienced, Commitment, Familiarity with Syllabus

  Cons: Packed schedule might watch time more closely for other tutoring assignments.

  Price: $25-$70 (Depending on level of students tutored)

 5. MOE Certified Teachers (Current or Ex-School Teachers)

MOE home tuition teacher singapore

This is the most highly sought after category of tutors due to their experience teaching in schools and most importantly, their familiarity with the MOE syllabus.

Firstly, this group of tutors have all gone through rigorous training at NIE and have been taught how to better communicate and teach.

Simply, they have been trained to educate.

They are the group most familiar with the syllabus updates and changes that take place over the years, especially so for Current School Teachers.

Some of them might even be able to pick out potential questions that might appear in the year end examinations or major examinations like the PSLE.

As such, the demand for MOE Certified tutors is extremely high. Combined with their busy school schedules, they can only take on a few students for private tutoring assignments.

Therefore, most of these tutors might be out of the price range of most parents. Their huge demand and tight schedule often commands a significant premium over other tutor categories.

  Pros: Most familiar with syllabus, Professionally trained to educate

  Cons: Price, Tight Schedule

  Price: $30-$120 (Depending on level of students tutored)

Choosing the Right Tutor Category for Your Child:

To put it all together, choosing the right home tuition teacher largely depends on the personalised needs of the student. 

This personalised learning preference is most likely to change according to your child’s age. Another factor to consider is the budget which you have for your child to spend on home tuition.

For example, it would not be cost effective to hire a full-time home tuition teacher to give home tuition to a lower primary student as the syllabus covered could easily be taught by an undergraduate.

Likewise, it might be more fitting to hire an experienced home tuition teacher familiar with the syllabus to cope with the more advanced subjects.

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