Home Tuition Rates in Singapore for 2015

How Much Should Home Tuition Rates be in Singapore?

Are you wondering what are the home tuition agency rates you should pay for your home tutor?

Before we delve into that, you should consider which category of home tutor best suits you or your child’s needs

It is more important for you to find the suitable category of singapore home tutor for your child if you truly want to give your child the best possible academic support possible.

Once you’ve decided on your ideal category of home tutor, this is a quick breakdown of the recommended rates you should be paying.

A Level / Polytechnic Undergraduates NIE Trainees Part Time Tutors Full Time Tutors MOE Certified Tutors
Lower Primary $15 - $25 $20 - $35 $20 - $40 $20 - $40 $25 - $45 $30 - $50
Upper Primary $15 - $30 $25 - $35 $25 - $40 $30 - $50 $30 - $55 $35 - $60
Lower Secondary $20 - $30 $25 - $40 $25 - $50 $30 - $50 $30 - $55 $35 - $80
Upper Secondary $20 - $30 $25 - $45 $25 - $50 $35 - $60 $35 - $65 $40 - $100
Junior College N/A $25 - $50 $30 - $55 $35 - $65 $35 - $70 $45 - $120

Do note that these rates are based on the average rates of tutors and should only serve as an indication of the average market rate.

Most of the time, these rates will vary based on the tutor’s qualifications, schedule, experience and location.


Tutors can possess qualifications ranging from O levels all the way up to a Phd and these will reflect their overall expertise and understanding in a subject. With our state of the art platform, tutor qualifications can be sorted through the filter functions that allow for tutors to be filtered by your qualifications of choice. Thus, this will ultimately affect the home tuition rates of the tutors.


Tutors with many years of tutoring experience tend to command higher home tuition rates due to their ability and experience in teaching.

Thus, while the general average rates in the table above are reflective of the prevailing market rates, tutors with more experience tend to command higher rates.

Once again, our revolutionary platform allows you to sort all available tutors by tutoring experience. This customised feature allows you to find the most ideal tutor for your child.


Normally, tutors have to factor traveling distance and time into their hourly rate to make sure the assignment will be worth their while.

However with regards to location, Hace offers flexibility in that tutors will only receive matching assignments in their preferred regions.This is a feature that is offered by no other tuition agency in Singapore.

Now that I know what category of tutor I should be engaging and how much should I be paying, what should I do next?

You should engage the services of a verified and qualified home tutor through the link to our revolutionary tutor matching platform below.

With Hace, you can send request to all tutors that match your specific requirements through our Instant Match feature and begin instant and direct communication with your ideal home tutors.

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