The Ultimate Guide to Preschool Education in Singapore


The All You Need to Know Guide to Preschool Education in Singapore

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Singapore Education System, Source:

The diagram above summarises the educational landscape in Singapore as laid out and cited from the Ministry of Education.

However, before your child embarks through his or her educational journey, a strong foundation needs to be built during the Preschool phase. Children from 4-6 years old will start with nursery school before proceeding to Kindergarten as laid out in the the following Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens in Singapore: A Guide for Parents

We believe that this is a comprehensive guide set out by the MOE to help parents better understand the Preschool educational landscape in order to make the best choices for their child.

Here are the summarised points of the guide:

A Strong Start for Every Child

Pre-school education builds the solid fundamentals for life-long learning and has both short term and long term benefits for your child.

The important process of building their self-confidence helps to teach them how how to express themselves better and to get along with others.

This will be the best way to nurture life-long learners.

The Kindergarten Curriculum Framework


preschool education

Only when every aspect of your child’s development is recognised will your child’s potential be realised.

Based on this belief that children are curious learners, the framework advocates teaching and learning in a quality kindergarten curriculum.

This holistic preschool education also gives educators the freedom to customise the curriculum according to the dedicated needs of the students.

The following are the six learning areas which have been identified to allow for holistic development of children:

• Aesthetics and Creative Expression

• Discovery of the World
• Language and Literacy
• Motor Skills Development
• Numeracy
• Social and Emotional Development

How Can You Support Your Child?

As parents, you will understand your child’s needs the best.

You can assist your child’s teachers by providing feedback during your frequent parent-teacher meetings.

In return, teachers or tutor will be able to frequently share your child’s progress to better understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

At home, you as a parent can help to bridge that gap between what goes on at school and at home. This will help to enrich your child’s learning experience.

In order to maximise your child’s greatest potential, this parent-teacher relationship is a crucial, on-going effort to guarantee that your child receives the best pre-school education.

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