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Are you facing difficulties constructing a concise argument in your General Paper essays? Maybe you’re sick of memorising lecture notes and yet always failing to score in GP?

The General Paper, or GP as it is colloquially termed, is a mandatory subject within the A-level syllabus. It requires students to leverage on a combination of analytical and language skills, to succinctly express their world views. Being proficient in the language alone will not help one score well in General Paper. Students are required to have knowledge on world issues to succinctly propose a convincing argument.

Application of these skills is used as a yardstick to measure the ability of a student’s competency in the subject. Mastering this skill unlocks doors to an endless array of opportunities as the combination of eloquence and precision is invaluable in any field.

How can GP Tuition Help Me?

The challenge of the subject is rooted in the demand for rigour and range in one’s analysis. On top of that, students run the risk of regurgitating everything they know instead of meeting the question demands.

The lack of thorough understanding in one’s particular area of focus would seriously impede an individual’s chances of scoring well. In the same vein, the lack of focus in one’s answer would completely diminish the chances of even passing this subject.

Thus, GP tuition often provides a two prong approach to aid students in getting their grades up, thereafter pushing them to excellence in this crucial H1 subject.

GP Tuition Equips You with the Necessary Content Knowledge

GP Tuition provides ammunition for student to combat the subject by equipping the student with relevant content knowledge to answer questions pertaining to the topic of focus. For example, a question about Environmental and Climate issue will require students to have knowledge of:

  1. What is happening to the environment?
  2. What is done to better/ worsen the situation?
  3. Who are the key parties in the issue?

With GP Tuition, students like yourself will be able to understand the concepts required to succinctly tackle the argument on hand. Our qualified GP Tuition teachers will be able to provide clarity and understanding with regards to the required content knowledge and concepts.

GP Tuition Equips You with the Necessary Skills to Present Your Argument

Without the skills of shooting, the possession of bullets and ammunition is of no purpose to a hunter. The second prong in properly overcoming the GP paper is having the ability to present and package your concepts and arguments in a coherent manner.

Thus, GP tuition aids the presentation of these content knowledge to best answer the question in order to package one’s perspective in the best frame to score for GP.

The Biggest Problem Students Overlook with the General Paper

Students often neglect the General Paper as their first reaction to a poor grade is that it is something that cannot be helped. Students often feel that language is a subject that requires lots of reading over the years. This defeatist attitude is what leads them to spiral into worse grades and never being able to fulfill their true potential. With a poor grade in General Paper, getting into your ideal university will be a mean feat. However, with GP Tuition, there will definitely be significant improvements to your GP grade.

Here at Hace, we pride ourselves on providing you with the widest selection of qualified tutors with credentials verified. We aim to act as a platform to aid your pursuit for the perfect home tutor singapore that would best address your challenges, so that your dream grade can finally be a reality.

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