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Chemistry Tuition: Clarifying Concepts For A Solid Foundation chemistry tuition in singapore

Science is made up of three main subjects of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology

In Singapore, students are taught science at the primary and lower secondary school levels. The topics taught cover all 3 main groups at a basic level.

As soon as students proceed to the upper secondary level, they can choose either to specialise in triple science or combined science. This will depend on your child’s grades during the Secondary 2 streaming.

Triple science combinations require students to take 3 individual core subjects of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Whereas combined science subjects involve one subject consisting of two combined subjects like Physics and Chemistry. It is common to see some schools making it mandatory for students to study at least two or even all the three sub-topics.

Why do most students struggle with Chemistry?

Of the 3 subjects, Chemistry requires more understanding of concepts AND the application of these theories and concepts. This is as opposed to Biology which requires more memorising facts and Physics which requires clear understanding of concepts. That can be demanding for some students, and this is where chemistry tuition can come in handy.

Science and particularly chemistry can be quite confusing for most students. That can be attributed to the fact that students do not have a strong foundation in the subject. That is what chemistry tuition seeks to change.`

With chemistry tuition, the subject will be more enjoyable because a tutor will improve your understanding.

Chemistry Tuition Can Help Make Chemistry More Interesting

Chemistry involves a lot of theories which can get really boring when studying alone.

Through chemistry tuition, your child can enjoy learning the subject more since a home tutor will assist in connecting the theoretical parts of the subject with real life applications.

This will help your child have a better grasp of the subject and thus help him/her excel in their tests and examinations.

Chemistry Tuition Can Help with Clarifying Complex Concepts

It is crucial for your child to have a strong foundation in chemistry as the topic gets more complicated as it progresses. Chemistry tuition can give your child a chance to understand complex concepts since a home tutor can simplify it for them.

Chemistry tuition will assist them in clarifying doubts and eliminating any confusion that students might be having with the subject.

Having a clearer understanding of the subject will enable a student to perform well in his or her exams.

Hace Home Tuition Singapore can be your best partner when it comes to looking for good chemistry tuition teachers.

chemistry tuition in singaporeWith our Hace qualified home tutors, you can enjoy the flexibility that home tutors provide to students. You can have your lessons at the days and time when it is most convenient for you. You can always reschedule the lessons with your tutor whenever you are not able to have them due to unavoidable circumstances.

In schools, teachers might not be able to give you their full attention to work on your weak topics in Chemistry. Home chemistry tuition gives you an opportunity to enjoy such flexibility with personalized tutoring services.

Additionally, you can select the topics that you would like to concentrate on or the ones that you find to be hardest of all. Thus, chemistry tuition will allow you to have a deep understanding of the subject since the tutor will pay attention to your weak areas as well as your strong areas.

Chemistry tuition in singapore

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